Welcome to the NURSERY Program for THREE YEAR OLD STUDENTS at Saint Mark Catholic Academy!

“The First Year of a Lifetime of Learning”

For three year-old children, adventure is the heart of learning; there are always new, great discoveries to be made. Nursery is a wonderful opportunity to explore and encounter the world in a safe and nurturing family environment filled with fun!
Experience the difference at Saint Mark Catholic Academy!

We provide a safe place for our students to learn through developmentally appropriate curriculum, which includes:

These skills are attained through a story each day. Acting out a story or making puppets to re-enact the story offers children the opportunity to use new vocabulary and verbal skills.

Children learn to interact with their class and school community. Center time fosters the child’s growth in good manners towards others, in sharing, and the development of conversational skills.

Fine motor skills are strengthened through pasting, painting, drawing, cutting, and musical finger plays. Outdoor play allows the children to explore nature and expand their imagination. Gross motor development happens while running, jumping, climbing, and enjoying a variety of outdoor games.

Three-year-olds are naturally curious, so our teachers offer them a wide range of developmentally appropriate manipulatives and activities to encourage exploration. Each day teachers create a wide range of exciting activities that help to develop different aspects of your child.

Regular classroom routines include: circle time, storytelling, music, art, building-block center, puzzles, playground time, and role-playing activities. We believe that each child has a unique blend of physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs and abilities.

We get to know all of our students and help them to develop a positive self-image to feel skilled and independent