Inside UPK-A

January 10, 2019 Update

Welcome to the month of January! We are excited to begin Unit 5: Transportation. During this unit, children move from inquiring and thinking critically about the places where animals and people live to exploring how people move from place to place using vehicles and other methods of transportation. Children will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of a major part of New York City life across all five boroughs. The full diversity of our city is reflected in this unit through the examination of trains, boats, cars, airplanes, buses, specialty vehicles and more! Children begin the unit by considering the first week’s focus question, “What kinds of transportation do I use and why?” In Week two, children begin to think about how different kinds of transportation are similar and different. his is an opportunity to compare and contrast the attributes of different modes of transportation; children can explore the science of how vehicles move according to their interest levels. In the third week of the unit, children consider the question, “Who operates the vehicles in my community?” In this week, children observe and explore vehicle operators such as bus drivers, pilots, fire fighters, police officers, EMT’s and other community helpers. These discussions culminate in the final week of the unit when children explore the question, “How do we stay safe when using transportation?” Throughout this month, I encourage you to point out different modes of transportation while out with your child—it makes what they learn in the classroom that much more real and exciting. I hope you and your family stay warm as the weather begins to get colder!

December 13, 2018 Update


Welcome to the month of December! We are excited to begin Unit 4: Where We Live. During this unit, children move from inquiring and thinking critically about themselves, their classmates and their family to the spaces that those people inhabit. This unit is designed to reflect the diverse places where people live in neighborhoods across New York City. Additionally, in this unit children will inquire and learn about the homes of animals, both pets living in homes with the children and those animals that create their own homes. Children begin this unit by investigating themselves and the people important to them. They will learn about different kinds of homes, including apartments, houses, etc. and discuss where different members of their families live. After children consider the different kinds of homes in which they and the people they know live, they will start to consider animals and investigate a more abstract concept: animal homes. In the third week of this unit, children will explore the types of homes the people in their city live in (i.e. skyscraper and brownstone), as well as the places that make up their surrounding neighborhood (i.e. stores, parks, etc.). Children will then begin to look more closely at how both animals and people make homes. This will allow them to observe, plan, ponder, and discuss who makes homes and what materials they use to do so. Enjoy your Winter Break and have a wonderful New Year!