Inside Pre-K B

Update #3

Welcome to the month of February! We are excited to begin Unit 6: Lights. During this unit, children move from exploring various modes and aspects of transportation to inquiring and thinking critically about light, darkness and shadows. In this unit, children have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of natural and man-made sources of light. In the Light unit, children begin by considering the first week’s question, “What kinds of light are around us?” Children will observe, discuss and explore what they know about natural and man-made light. In the second week children will have learning experiences and activities that encourage them to think about darkness. In the third week, children focus on the question, “How does light help us?” They will continue to consider the how light affects our world, for example through conducting an experiment on growing plants in the light and in the dark. In the final week, children explore shadows by using flashlights and other light sources in the classroom as well as experimenting with shadows outside. Through these explorations, children are building on their curiosity about science concepts. This is the foundation for continued scientific inquiry in Kindergarten and beyond. I hope everyone has very restful and much needed Winter Break!

Update #2

As we begin the new year your children will be learning and exploring our new theme, Transportation. We will be observing transportation in our community, what types of transportation do you see and/or hear? Throughout this unit we will be exploring transportation around the word. This is a great unit to discuss and engage with your child as they become familiar with the world they live in, such as different countries, cultures and lifestyles.
As our family engagement activity, we asked families to create a transportation vehicle of your child choice out of recycled materials (land, water, or air). We always want our students to be creative and have fun!

Update #1

For the month of December, we will begin our unit of study on Where We Live. Throughout this unit we will explore different homes around the world, our communities, our personal homes, animal habitats and more! We worked with different homes in the block center and built igloos, buildings, tree houses, and more. This unit as for all units will be incorporated within each center for children to learn and explore.
As an activity we construct a type of home out of recycled materials (cereal boxes, tissue boxes, toilet paper or paper towel rolls, etc.). Our students were creative and enjoyed every step of the way. Some students even created an animal habitat!