Inside Kindergarten-A

Update #2

Here is just a sampling of our Famous People In History can project. This is just a part of all the great work that kindergarten has done with their families and presented to their classmates. Please come visit us to see the rest. During Catholic Schools Week, Mrs. Gangi Clemente visited our class to read The Teddy Bear Picnic. The children listened carefully as they hugged their Teddy Bear friends. Mrs. Borgia also visited us to read. The children were happy to listen to the funny story she shared with us. 

Update #1


Kindergarten A has been moving along quite nicely.  It seems like just yesterday that the children came into the classroom for the very first day! Although it has only been four short months, our young learners have covered a lot of ground.  In math, they are already up to adding numbers to ten, and soon they will be subtracting.  Kindergarten-A knows how to approach a word problem and figure it out by modeling.  We’ve learned many math vocabulary words, too.
In language arts,  Kindergarten-A  has learned to recognize letters and letter sounds and blend them into words.  Students are learning parts of speech, and we are looking forward to see our new, young readers begin emerge.  Our handwriting is developing neautifully, and I am proud of the effort I’ve seen in Kindergarten-A.
Through cross-curricular activities our students are learning more and more about religion and social studies. Recently, we had a cooperative project with our Pre-K buddies.  We read “Elmer in the Snow” and created Elmer stick puppets.  
I am excited to see what’s in store for Kindergarten-A!