Inside Grade 4

January 10, 2019 Update

Grade 4 New Year’s Resolutions:

We resolve:
– to learn about those creative minds in science, history, and the arts
– to read about Rachel Carson, a pioneer of ecology
– to practice our division shells using different strategies
– to see the world clearer and larger with the help of a microscope
– to know we are on “a mission” to find our position with prepositions
– to live our best lives with the help of the Ten Commandments

And to all a happy and healthy 2019!

December 13, 2018 Update


Readers are we!
Frightful Mountain book reports are all “hung up.”
Scientists are we!
Use the hand lens to magnify the world!
Mathematicians are we!
Let’s multiply. What strategy to use?
Historians are we!
Study those artifacts! Learn about long ago!
Citizens are we!
Say our prayers and pledge daily.
Researches are we!
Use our Chromebooks to research a creative mind.
Fourth graders are we!