Inside Grade 3

Update #2

Catholic Schools Week flew by and the third grade many activities . Father Bob and Father Michael treated the children to milk and cookies, and we had some great conversation. We made special cards to show how much we appreciate all the priests in our parish. The Great Read was a success; Sports Day was exciting , and it was a week filled with work and fun for all. In math class, third grade is learning about perimeter and area, and soon they will be adding and subtracting fractions. Science is all about the planets and the moon, while our focus in social Studies has been the Civil Rights Movement. In February, we also focused on Presidents and First Ladies. Having fun while we learn is what our class is all about. 

Update #1

Reflecting back on the last few months our third grade has made many wonderful memories. The children embraced their new grade with excitement and wonder. For example, working in the new STEM Lab has been one of the activities the students love the most. Each time we work in the lab I can see how important and grown up the children feel. Wearing lab coats, using magnifying glasses, and exploring matter truly motivated them to learn. In October, our third graders took the TerraNova tests for the first time, and our class rose to the occasion. November’s Thanksgiving Feast was fun and a beautiful display of what our school is really about. Saint Mark is one big, happy family who accepts each other and works together to make our learning days special.