Inside Grade 1

December 21, 2018 Update

The first grade just started a unit about communities. We are eager to learn about the three different types of communities and the people who work in them. At the end of the unit we will build the community that we live in using recyclable items and each student will make a paper doll showing what community worker they want to be when they grow up.

In STEM we are having a blast exploring and learning about the three states of matter. Last week, we explored using solids and discovered which items had the property to attract to a magnet, float, or sink. Following the lesson we used our data charts to create a bar graph. Next we explored with liquids and then onto gases. We enjoy the new STEM LAB, and we are loving science.

In math we are beginning our last chapter in Unit 1. We have used cubes, counters, ten frames, playing cards, dominoes and dice to explore different strategies to add and subtract numbers up to 20. In our last chapter we will explore how addition and subtraction are related.

Our ELA unit, Animals: Tame and Wild, is just about to wrap up. We have learned different reading strategies while enjoying non-fiction, reality fiction, and animal fantasy stories about animals. We had a class discussion, and it is safe to say that a few of our favorite stories were: “A Pig In a Wig,” “ A Fox in a Kit,” and “Get The Egg.”

As we approach the Christmas season our class has been busy making Advent Wreaths and writing about gifts from the heart that we can give to Jesus. After Mass on Monday we stopped by to see the Angel Tree and the Little Town of Bethlehem with the Adoration of Jesus. The children were in awe of the breathtaking display.

Our beautiful winter trees were created by learning different strokes using a paint brush during art class. Each tree and snowflake as unique as we are.  Please check out our winter wonderland by Grade 1.