Faculty and Staff


Pastor of Saint Mark Parish Very Rev. Robert V. Mucci  
Principal Mrs. Carol Donnelly cdonnelly@smsonthebay.com
School Secretary Mrs. Lori Ryan lryan@smsonthebay.com
Business Manager Mr. George Donnelly gdonnelly@smsonthebay.com
Tuition Collections Director Mr. William Bunch wbunch@smsonthebay.com
Director of Pre-K for All Ms. Jeannie Vok jvok@smsonthebay.com
Nurse Mrs. Ruth Christopher, RN  
PDHP Counselor/Counselor on Staff
Ms. Maryan Dumas/Ms. Marie Eppolito  
HAA President / Afterschool Director Mr. Michael Davis  


Early Childhood

Nursery 1 Ms. Norma Walker nwalker@smsonthebay.com
Nursery 2 Ms. Debbie Trama dtrama@smsonthebay.com
Pre-K for All A Ms. Alyssa Rosado arosado@smsonthebay.com
Pre-K for All B Ms. Gabriella Giglio ggiglio@smsonthebay.com
Pre-K for All C Ms. Amanda Riccio ariccio@smsonthebay.com

Elementary Grades

Kindergarten A
Kindergarten B
Mrs. Jane Kane
Ms. Rose Eliscar
First Grade Mrs. Karen Baran kbaran@smsonthebay.com
Second Grade Ms. Kelsey Reed kreed@smsonthebay.com
Third Grade Ms. Marie Eppolito meppolito@smsonthebay.com
Fourth Grade Ms. Patricia Daly pdaly@smsonthebay.com

Middle School

Fifth Grade Homeroom
Social Studies Grades 5-8
Religion Grade 5
Mrs. Nicole Ruvolo nruvolo@smsonthebay.com
Sixth Grade Homeroom
Mathematics Grades 5-8
Religion Grade 6
Mr. John Cuccurullo jcuccurullo@smsonthebay.com
Seventh Grade Homeroom
English Language Arts Grades 5-8
Religion Grade 7
Mr. Mark Wilson mwilson@smsonthebay.com
Eighth Grade Homeroom
Science Grades 5-8
Religion Grade 8
Ms. Arlene Toro atoro@smsonthebay.com

Special Content Faculty

Library Mrs. Tammy Hamann
Mrs. Carmella Connolly
Music and Art Ms. Alicia Jones  
Physical Education Ms. Helene Hamilton hhamilton@smsonthebay.com

Ms. Lisa Venezia-Rosado lrosado@smsonthebay.com

Classroom Aides

Ms. Kerly Lovas Nursery 1 Aide  
Ms. Lorysa Ganzha Nursery 2 Aide  
Ms. Earlene James Pre-K for All A Aide  
Mrs. Alexis Gangi-Clemente Pre-K for All B Aide  
Ms. Danielle Raphael Pre-K for All C Aide  
Ms. Margarita Yuen-Chong Kindergarten Aide