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Third Trimester Grade Reporting for Grade 1-8

Below,  please find a link to a letter from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Thomas Chadzutko, which states that all schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn will move to a “pass/fall” format for reporting third trimester grades for students in grades one through eight.

Please email Mr. Wilson with any questions:

Dr. Chadzutko – Third Trimester Grading Letter

Letters from PDHP Counselor Ms. Maryan Dumas

Ms Dumas Letter 6.17.2020Ms. Dumas Letter 6.10.20 | Ms. Dumas Letter 6.3.2020 | Ms. Dumas Letter 5.27.2020 | Ms. Dumas Letter – 5.20.2020 | Ms. Dumas Letter – 5.11.20 | Ms Dumas Letter –  5.6.20 | Ms Dumas Letter – 4.29.20 | Ms Dumas Letter – 4.22.20 | Ms Dumas Letter – 4.6.20 | Ms Dumas Letter – 3.30.20 | Ms Dumas Letter – 3.23.20

Mr. Wilson’s Latest Update – 6.17.20 at 9:15pm

Dear Families:

It’s hard to believe that we are at the end of the school year.

There are so many emotions associated with the end of an academic year. Of course, this year there are more than ever before…

There’s the usual anticipation and excitement about summer. Although we have been home for three months, school did not end and learning continued. Students, teachers, and parents are all in need of a well-deserved break!

The end of the year is always sad, especially this one. There was no opportunity for teachers to say farewell to their students, to share a hug or even just a “job well done.” Students were not given a chance to say goodbye to classmates and friends. It is my hope that as restrictions ease and New York City progresses into the next “phases” of reopening, our students will have a chance to meet up with their friends.

This year, more than any other, there is should be a sense of pride. Our students were asked to learn in a way they never had before, and our teachers were asked to teach in a way they had never taught before. I am proud of our entire school community—and you should be proud of yourselves, too!

Finally, to me, I feel a great sense of gratitude. I am grateful for being part of the Saint Mark family. Granted, this is not what I expected my first year as principal to be like, but I am thankful for the great team behind me. I am also grateful to our parents for entrusting their children to us. Whether they are in our school or at a “distance,” our students are the reason for Saint Mark Catholic Academy. They are the driving force behind all we do, and we are thankful for them!


As we wrap up the school year, here are a few reminders and updates…


Report Cards

By 5pm on Monday, June 22nd final report cards will be available via OptionC. I am attaching the directions on how to access them.

Students who are in need of summer school will have that notation made on their report cards. Individual families will be contacted about their options for summer school.


Summer Assignments

Students in all grades will receive their summer enrichment work via email by Monday, June 22nd.

School did not end as it usually did, so summer assignments cannot be what they usually are. Of course, students will still be asked to do some reading, but I’ve asked our faculty “rethink” their summer assignments. 

That said, I’d like summer assignments to be more of an enrichment this year, with a focus on the work that has been done since March 16th.


Return of Technology

As you know, all students in kindergarten through grade eight left school on March 13th with either an iPad or a Chromebook. Some of you have asked about returning these devices. I am only asking that our eighth grade return their Chromebooks. All other students can hold on to their devices until they return to school.


Picking-up Student Materials

Starting next week, teachers will begin to clean up and pack up their classrooms for the summer. We understand that students may have left some personal materials in their desks when they left on March 13th.  All student desks will be emptied into a clear plastic bag and labeled with the student’s name and grade.

Late next week and into the week of June 29th, families will be able to schedule a time to come pickup their child’s belongings.

More specific details about this process will be sent home in the coming days.


Final Update from PDHP Counselor Ms. Maryan Dumas

Attached is Ms. Dumas’s last school community letter. Also, attached is a list Ms. Dumas compiled of counseling resources for families who are seeking support over the summer.


Financial Assistance for the 2020-2021 School Year

If you’ve never applied for financial aid, but anticipate needing assistance in September because of the COVID-19 pandemic, please apply.

Additional review will be given to families whose financial situation has changed due to the pandemic. Parents can add a note on the application if they’ve been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re interested in reapplying, or you’re interested in applying for financial aid for the first time, please reach out to Mr. William Bunch at (718) 332-9304 extension 2 or at  Mr. Bunch will walk you through step each step of this application.

Deadlines have been extended to July 24, 2020.


Home Academy Association Raffle

Our Home Academy Association Raffle was drawn after the 9am Mass on Friday, June 12th. Our four winners were: a friend of the Khan family; the Jeanty family; the Compere family; and the Perez family. Congratulations!


A Special Goodbye

It is a bittersweet moment as we announce the retirement of our long-time physical education teacher Ms. Helene Hamilton. Ms. H has spent many years in Catholic education, 13 of those years at Saint Mark. We will miss Ms. Hamilton and we are grateful for her service and commitment to our school and our students. On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of Saint Mark, I wish Ms. Hamilton a happy and healthy retirement. Thank you!


End-of-Year Mass

Please join us for the End-of-Year Mass live-streamed from Saint Mark Church on Friday, June 19th.

The Mass can be viewed by clicking on either of the links below. You do not need a Facebook account to view the Mass.


2020-2021 School Year

Although this is my last Wednesday letter for the academic year, please continue to be on the lookout for communication from me throughout the summer about the upcoming academic year.

As a member of the Diocesan task-force that is planning the opening of schools, I will keep you all updated about our plans for September. The faculty, staff, and I are working on plans for the upcoming year that will ensure the best possible educational experience for our children in the safest environment possible.


To celebrate a job well done, many of our students participated in different fun activities today. Some tried the different Diocesan Field Day events, and others went on virtual outings, including a trip to Disney World.

As I “rode” Pirates of the Caribbean and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with our first graders today, I was reminded of a popular Disney song that seems appropriate for my last regular Wednesday message to all of you…

Now it’s time to say goodbye, to all our company

M-I-C, See you real soon

K-E-Y, Why? Because we like you

M – O – U – S – E…


See you real soon!

Mr. Wilson



Parent View of Report Cards

Ms. Dumas Counseling Resources

Ms Dumas Letter 6.17.2020

Nursery Student Assignments for Closure

Nursery A Assignments: Packet 1

Nursery A Assignments: Packet 2

Nursery B Assignments: Packet 1

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K-A: 6xlygon
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Math 5: zsmiykq
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Science 5: suqz2iy
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Science 7: 47swnqj
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Religion 8: s6hkhdb
Art (all grades): xm2y5ff