SMCA’s Summer Hours

During the summer months, Saint Mark Catholic Academy will be open Monday to Thursday from 7:30am to 2pm.

We hope everyone is having a safe, relaxing summer!



Wall Street Journal – “The Catholic School Difference”

The Catholic School Difference
A new study shows the benefit of demanding student self-discipline.

For the thousands of nuns who have served as principals at Catholic schools, their emphasis on self-discipline must seem like common sense. But a new academic study confirms the sisters are on to something: You can instill self-discipline in students, a virtue that will help them in their studies and later in life.

The study was conducted for the Thomas B. Fordham Institute by University of California-Santa Barbara associate professor Michael Gottfried and doctoral student Jacob Kirksey. The authors analyzed two waves of national data on elementary school students collected under the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study for the National Center for Education Statistics. They compared children in Catholic schools with those in public schools and other private schools, religious and secular.

The authors found statistically meaningful evidence that students in Catholic schools exhibited less disruptive behavior than their counterparts in other schools. “According to their teachers, Catholic school children argued, fought, got angry, acted impulsively, and disturbed ongoing activities less frequently,” the authors write. Specifically, students in Catholic schools “were more likely to control their temper, respect others’ property, accept their fellow students’ ideas, and handle peer pressure.” In other words, they exhibited more self-discipline.

The authors concede their findings aren’t causal, meaning there might be unobservable differences between students in different schools that account for the striking differences they have found. But the correlation is strong between the focus that Catholic schools put on self-discipline and better student behavior. We also know that, especially in urban areas, black and Latino students who attend Catholic schools show higher achievement, higher graduation rates and higher college enrollment than those at nearby public schools.

At a time when the different suspension rates between minority and non-minority students has become a toxic debate, the authors offer three key judgments:

First: “Schools that value and focus on self discipline will likely do a better job of fostering it in children.” If other schools “took self discipline as seriously as Catholic schools do, they wouldn’t have to spend as much time, energy and political capital on penalizing students” for bad behavior.

Second: “Assuming that these results reflect a ‘Catholic Schools Effect,’ other schools might consider both explicit and implicit methods to replicate it.” The report notes that some “no excuses” charter schools are already doing this, through the curriculum or the way students interact with adults and teachers who model self-discipline themselves.

Third: “Don’t underestimate the power of religion to positively influence a child’s behavior.” Religion isn’t the only way to foster self-discipline, the authors emphasize, but it’s effective compared to most of the alternatives in channeling youthful energy into productive self-control.

Though the authors offer no easy prescriptions, they do say it is a “tragedy for the nation” that so many Catholic schools continue to close when they are most needed. Their lessons are worth preserving.


Saint Mark’s Summer Academic Program helps to maximize potential in each student.

Remedial and enrichment programs are offered. Class size is limited to ensure maximum individual attention and creative group work.

Daily arts & crafts and special activities that develop creativity and brainpower.

Extended Day Program available (6pm).

Academic Program runs from June 26th to August 2nd.
Extended Day program runs from June 26h to August 10th.

Please click here to learn more: Summer Program Registration Information

SMCA’s Candy Land Card Party a “Sweet Time”

On Saturday, April 21, Saint Mark Catholic Academy held its 24th annual Card Party. This year’s theme was Candy Land. Tons of great prizes were raffled off, and everyone there had a pretty “sweet” time!

🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬 🍫 🍫 🍫 🍫 🍫

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event such a great success, and a special thank you to everyone who attended. Your generous support truly helps our students!
We hope to see you next year‘s 25th silver anniversary card party!

Special Catholic Schools Week Schedule!


Monday, January 29th
– Catholic Schools Week Mass: 8:30am
– Career Day for Nursery – Grade 2: 10am
– Buddy Day Afternoon: Middle School (Grades 5-8) read to Early Childhood and Elementary Grades

Tuesday, January 30th
– The Great Read for all grades (morning)
– Celebrate Vocations: A Q&A with Our Parish Priests (afternoon)

Wednesday, January 31st
– Bagel Breakfast for students
– Sports Day

Thursday, February 1st
– Color Wars Day
– Cookie Sale to support Catholic Charities
– Movie Afternoon

Friday, February 2nd
– Grade 6-8 Math Bee (morning)
– Grade 8 vs. Faculty Volleyball Game (afternoon)

Santa Visits SMCA’s Christmas Breakfast!

Before our students left to celebrate the holidays with their friends and family, they gathered as a school family for a Christmas breakfast. After attending school Mass together, the students enjoyed a delicious breakfast complete with pancakes, French toast, bacon, bagels, doughnuts, juices and more! What made the day even more special was that so many of our SMCA families were able to join us. Thank you to everyone who helped set up, purchase, and prepare all of the wonderful treats! We’re especially grateful that Santa himself took time out of his busy schedule to join us!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from our SMCA family to yours!

SMCA’s Pre-K for All Students Put on Winter Show!

On Friday, December 15th, Saint Mark Catholic Academy’s Pre-K for All students put on a fantastic winter show! Here are some pictures from their performance. As you can see, they did a great job! Thank you to our Pre-K for All teachers, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Alyssa, and Ms. Gabby, our Pre-K for All Director, Ms. Jeannie, and, of course, our students for all their hard work! Bravo!

SMCA Celebrates Thanksgiving…All Week!

Officially, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but we’ve been celebrating all week here at Saint Mark Catholic Academy. On Monday, our middle school students participated in a virtual field trip to a museum in Michigan to learn about the history of Native Americans in our country.

Yesterday, our first and second graders put on an assembly about Thanksgiving, sharing some interesting facts and songs, too!

Finally, today was what our principal, Mrs. Donnelly, describes as her “favorite event of the year,” our annual Thanksgiving Feast! Our entire school family from our nursery students to our eighth graders shared a meal together and gave thanks. Thank you again to all of our families who helped prepare and serve all the delicious food!

So, from our St. Mark family to yours…Happy Thanksgiving!

SMCA Supports Parish Food Pantry

After a wonderfully successful Thanksgiving food drive, some of our eighth grade and early childhood students deliver donations across the street to our parish food pantry. Thank you to all those who made a contribution!


SMCA Hosts Pre-K/Kindergarten Fall Fair!

On Tuesday, November 14th, Saint Mark Catholic Academy held a Pre-K and Kindergarten Fall Fair.

Students from our kindergarten class performed songs for all the parents in attendance. Then, students from pre-k and kindergarten, along with their teachers and parents, worked on a fall-themed art project (Some seventh grade helpers participated, too!)

It was the first of a series of events that brings our school family even closer together and helps to showcase the great things going on in our Early Childhood Program.