Alumni Come “Home” for Homecoming 2018!

Saturday, November 3rd was Homecoming 2018! Over 150 St. Mark alumni returned “home” to relive fond memories and reconnect with old friends.

Current students and recent graduates led alumni on tours of the school building.

A special thank you to all those who helped to make the evening possible…our Principal Carol Donnelly, our Director of Development & Alumni Relations George Donnelly, our Board of Directors, our Class Captains, and especially Anthony Russo of Gargiulo’s and Mike Starace of Wheeler’s for providing the food and drinks.

And, of course, thank to our alumni for coming “home.”

We hope to see you at future alumni events!

All Saints Day Tradition Continues at SMCA!

The saints marched into Saint Mark Church this morning!

On All Saints Day it’s an annual tradition at Saint Mark to have each class adopt a saint. One student from each class dresses like that saint, and another reads some interesting facts about the saint. Thank you to our students for dressing as some of the many saints we remember on this day. Thank you to Father Michael and Father Bob for including our students in this special Mass and homily!

Happy All Saints Day!


SMCA Students Creating and Discovering in Our New Stem Lab!


Here, Ms. Toro’s sixth grade science class is discovering how to convert different units of measurement. Their finished product…? A delicious hot chocolate made from scratch, using the precise amount of ingredients. Ms. Toro supplied the cookies!

Our first grade class was back in the STEM Lab today. This time, they were exploring their sense of taste. 
By the look on their faces, we bet you can tell who had something sweet, sour, or salty!


Our kindergarten students were also hard at work in the lab!


💻 💻 💻 Grade 4 Gets Chromebooks! 💻 💻 💻

This week was an exciting time for Ms. Daly’s fourth grade class as they received their class set of Chromebooks. SMCA’s technology teacher, Ms. Rosado, “pushed in” to their classroom to assist the students as they worked on their first project using G Suite applications. 
We’re excited to see what great work they’re going to produce with this new technology. 
In addition, our fourth graders will be able to “hit the ground running” next school year when they move to middle school and use Chromebooks to complete projects and assignments both in class and at home!
(SMCA Middle School 1:1 Chromebook Kicks Off, from October 2017)

🎃 🎃 🎃 Nursery through Grade 2 Go on In-school Field Trip…ALL ABOUT PUMPKINS! 🎃 🎃 🎃

Our students in nursery through second grade participated in an in-school field trip on Friday, October 19th. The trip was all about pumpkins! 
Representatives from Let’s Bloom Together discussed the history of the pumpkin and its place in our culture. At the end of the ”trip,” students got to decorate their own pumpkins!

6th Graders Use Chomebooks to Complete Group Project!

We’re so proud of our sixth graders who are working on a cooperative learning project about Mesopotamia.

The students were assigned different learning stations, and using their Chromebooks, gathered information on Mesopotamia’s economy, government, geography, achievements, social classes and religion.

At the conclusion of their work, each station will combine their research into a shared Google Slides presentation!

See Our STEM Lab in Action!

We’re excited to share some of the first pictures of SMCA students in action in our new STEM Lab! Here, Ms. Daly’s fourth graders are learning how to classify and organize different objects. #STEM

SMCA Gets New STEM Lab!

Thanks to a Diocesan grant, our science lab has been transformed into a STEM lab by LabLearner. Kindergarten through eighth grade will be engaged in hands-on-learning! Take a look at the installation from start to finish!