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Friday, December 7

Science 5: Work on definitions

Science 6: Essay due on looseleaf

Science 8: Study steps of wet and dry cell batteries


Thursday, December 6

Science 5: Write an essay about the three scientists discussed in class. Include their similarities and differences. Submit essay on looseleaf.

Science 6: FInish soil texture worksheet.

 Science 8: Explain, in detail, how wet and dry batteries work.


Wednesday, December 5

Science 5: Find information about the scientist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

Science 6: Be prepared for lab tomorrow

Science 7: Submit acids and bases application

Science 8: Label the parts of a wet and dry cell battery.


Tuesday, December 4

Science 5: Read information about Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace. Quiz tomorrow. // Write a poem about your favorite animal.

Science 6: Complete the soil texture triangle chart

Science 8: Answer questions on electricity 


Monday, November 26

Science 5: Define vocabulary words on inheritance and adaptations.

Science 6: Study for trimester exams

Science 7: Define vocabulary words on acids and bases unit

Science 8: Define vocabulary terms on electricity and magnetism.


Wednesday, November 14

Science 5: Finish today’s classwork on the eye. Check worksheet.

Science 6: Science worksheet: complete page 2

Science 7: Work on review questions on units

Science 8: Complete review worksheet.


Wednesday, November 7

Science 5: Complete today’s science review.

Science 6: Complete today’s review and complete elements and energy levels

Science 7: FInish worksheet questions on “virus”

Science 8: Complete worksheet numbers 1-7


Tuesday, November 6

Science 5: Complete classwork

Science 6: Work on today’s review for trimester exams

Science 7: Finish science classwork review

Science 8: Worksheet

Religion 8: Work on religion questions.


Monday, November 5

Science 5-7: Complete today’s classwork

Science 8: Continue to work on science review

Religion 8: Complete religion project


Wednesday, October 31

Religion 8: Study for test.

Science 5: Complete classwork on looseleaf. 

Science 6: Complete crossword puzzle using vocabulary terms

Science 7: Complete class activity on looseleaf


Tuesday, October 30

Religion 8: Test Friday.

Science 5: Answer the science riddles and create the crossword puzzle using the vocabulary words.

Science 6: Answer questions on weathering/erosion using information from video and class notes

Science 7: Answer virus questions.

Science 8: Answer questions 1-5 on worksheet


Monday, October 29

Religion 8: Test this week.

Science 5: Study concepts on animal cell. Possible quiz.

Science 6: Finish defining vocabulary words from the unit on weathering and erosion. 

Science 7: Study worksheet on viruses. Be prepared to discuss.

Science 8: Complete science worksheet page 1


Friday, October 26

Religion 8: Study for test next week.

Science 7: Go over class notes on viruses.

Science 6: Study class notes on conversion.

Science 5: Study for Monday’s test.


Tuesday, October 23

Science 5: Study for test on Monday.

Science 6: Bring supplies of lab.

Science 7: Find information about the plant cell.

Science 8: Finish classwork. Study for test Thursday.


Monday, October 22

Science 5: C0mplete questions…worth a test grade

Science 6: Be prepared for lab on Wednesday.

Science 7: C0mplete questions…worth a test grade

Science 8: Study for test.

Religion 8: Work on the meaning/origin/symbolism of your name.


Friday, October 19

Science 5: Complete diagram and answer questions on plants.

Science 6: Be prepared for unit measurement project.

Science 7: Complete class review work.

Science 8: Complete science worksheet questions. Complete science work on friction/energy.


Thursday, October 18

Science 5: Bring a sample of a green herbal plant.

Science 6: Work on unit of measurement

Science 7: Complete classwork

Science 8: Research project


Tuesday, October 16

Science 5: How are herbs beneficial to people? Explain and list the different types of herbs.

Science 6: Create a recipe using the limits of measurement.

Science 7: Describe how medicinal plants help the human body internally and externally. 

Science 8: Work on the science project.


Thursday, October 11

Science 5-8: Possible quiz next week.


Thursday, October 4

Science 5: Study vocabulary and diagrams

Science 6: Practice formula on volume and density

Science 7: Go over class diagrams and notes about scientists

Science 8: Study and reviewing labeling parts of heating system.


Wednesday, October 3

Science 5: Study concepts of microscope, eye, and plant cell.

Science 6: Study for Jeopardy tomorrow.

Science 7: Draw and label your diagram of the blood cell

Science 8: Study for tomorrow’s test.


Tuesday, October 2

Religion 8: Study for religion test Thursday. Chapters 1 and 2

Science 5: Label the parts of the heart and study vocabulary.

Science 6: Work on density applications.

Science 7: Study vocabulary.


Monday, October 1

Religion 8: Study for religion test Thursday. Chapters 1 and 2

Science 5: Define terms.

Science 6: Go over class notes on density. Practice formula.

Science 7: Write information on how organisms are classified.


Thursday, September 27

Science 5: Complete plant cell diagram and study the class notes. Write a sentence for the first six words.

Science 6: Complete science worksheet and staple worksheet onto the loose-leaf. Worth a test grade.

Science 7: Create a dialogue using terms from the unit application.

Science 8: COmplete worksheet on the function of heat transfer for each diagram worksheet.


Wednesday, September 26

Science 5: Find information about the “plant cell.”

Science 6: Work on application of volume.

Science 7: Finish definitions

Science 8: Study heat diagrams.


Tuesday, September 25

Science 5-8: No homework because of test today.


Monday, September 24

Science 5-8: Study for test tomorrow.


Friday, September 21

Science 5: Work on worksheet. Study for test.

Science 6: Study for test.

Science 7: Study for test.

Science 8: Study for science test.

Religion 8: Find information about the prodigal son and explain, in detail, what it means to you.


Thursday, September 20

Science 5: Complete eye worksheet and submit tomorrow. It is worth a test grade.

Science 6: Finish element worksheet.

Science 7: Study science concepts and study for test.

Science 8: Answer lab worksheet.

Science 5-8: Test on Tuesday.


Wednesday, September 19

Science 5: Study the diagram of the convex  lens and its parts. Study the vocabulary terms of the eye.

Science 6: Bring glue and scissors for science project.

Science 7: Complete the chart and answer questions.

Science 8: Study for test


Tuesday, September 18

Religion 8: Find information about Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

Science 8: Study vocabulary words on heat

Science 6: Complete sentences using vocabulary words

Science 8: List functions of the parts of the eye.


Monday, September 17

Religion 8: Describe an event when you became a “peacemaker.”

Science 5: Define vocabulary words on topic of the “eye.” Color the diagram of the eye.

Science 6: Review class notes and work on the elements

Science 7: Review class notes on atomic mass and define vocabulary words and create atomic mass chart.

Science 8: Study for test next week. 


Thursday, September 13

Science 5: Read and answer questions about the history of the microscope. Study the parts and functions of the microscope.

Science 6: Finish review concepts on matter, and study for quiz.

Science 7: Study the periodic table, atomic structure and vocabulary. 

Religion 8: Study for tomorrow’s quiz. 


Wednesday, September 12

Science 8: Study class notes and be ready of quiz this week.

Science 7: Submit on loose leaf two cells. 

Science 6: Study class notes.

Science 5: Study class notes and be ready of quiz this week.


Tuesday, September 11

Science 5: Finish coloring the microscope and study its functions

Science 6: Quiz this week. Study class notes.

Science 7: Complete atomic structure on looseleaf.

Science 8: Quiz this week. Study class notes.


Monday, September 10

Science 5: Find information about the parts of the microscope and their function.

Science 6: Choose an item from the kitchen pantry and check for elements found in food. / Find information about Dimitri Mendenleev

Science 7: Importance of the atomic structure. Why did Mendeleev create the Periodic Table?

Science 8: Define vocabulary terms. 


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