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Friday, October 22

Math: page 115 (1, 2) in math workbook. 


Wednesday, October 20

Spelling: Words in sentences on tablet paper. Please be neat and include proper heading on lines.

ELA: All Halloween stories must be finished…Published copy and cover.  


Tuesday, October 19

Math: Mid chapter test tomorrow. Study pages 63-103

Spelling: Clues

ELA: Finish draft of Halloween story. If finished and checked by Ms. Daly, write published copy on theme paper. 


Monday, October 18

ELA: Test tomorrow on capitalization, sentences, proper/common noun

Math: Mid-chapter test on Wednesday. Review pages 61-104 // Do page 103 (5-8 and 10) in math notebook

Spelling: Scramble all words

Science: Read and complete pages 79-83


Friday, October 15

ELA: Handbook page 104 (1-8) // Test Tuesday on capitalization, sentences, nd common / proper nouns

Math: Page 101 8-1 in math notebook

Terra Nova testing continues on Monday and Tuesday


Thursday, October 14

Math: Page 101 (5-7) in math notebook

Science: workbook page 73

Religion: page 282


Wednesday, October 13

Math: Page 97 (5, 6) in math notebook / Page 97 (7) in workbook

Science: page 72

Religion: page 28

Terra Nova continues tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 12

Math: Page 97 (2-4) in math notebook

ELA: page 269 numbers 11, 13, 16, 22

Science: page 67 How was it improved?

Terra Nova continues tomorrow.


Friday, October 8

Go Math: page 89 (3-5) in math notebook

ELA: Handbook page 123 read, copy, and complete in Readers Writers notebook

Have #2 pencils for next week TerraNova testing


Thursday, October 7

Book report due tomorrow on tablet paper with school heading, title, author of book. 3 paragraph essay– follow directions on sheet. Bring the book you read. Have supplies to decorate your place setting to identify person or event as we create our Table of Citizenship.

Spelling: Review words. Test tomorrow.

Math: Page 85 (2-8) #10 sandwich 


Wednesday, October 6

Spelling: Sentences on tablet paper

Math: Go Math workbook page 77

Science: Unit 1 test tomorrow. Read and review pages 2-54

Remember book report is due on Friday, October 8th on tablet paper with a cover.

Bring supplies to decorate mat and plate.

Remember, how would you identify the person or event you read about?

* Bring rosary tomorrow. 


Tuesday, October 5

Spelling: Clues for words in theme notebook

Math: Go Math: in notebook page 71 #4 / page 74 #1, 2 – model, equation, solution 

Science: Unit 1 test on Thursday, October 7th. Review pages 1-54.

Reading: Rewrite draft of E. Roosevelt essay on tablet paper.

Remember: Book report due on 10/8


Monday, October 4

Math: Go Math: Page 71 #2, 3

Spelling: Scramble in theme notebook

Science: Workbook page 52

Religion: page 273

Reading: Final draft of essay. Revise and edit in Readers / Writers Notebook

Reminder: Book report due on 10/8/21.


Friday, October 1

Math: Go Math: page 67

Reminder: Brook report due October 8th. Written on tablet paper with a cover

Have materials to create place setting in class about who you have read.


Wednesday, September 29

Nath chapter 1 test tomorrow. Review pages 55-60

Spelling: Write sentences on tablet paper

Science: Complete sheet AG 1-3 using science workbook

Religion: Finish poster

**Book report due October 8

Please sign and return folder and all test papers. 


Tuesday, September 28

Math: Chapter 1 test on September 30

Social Studies: Chapter 8 test tomorrow. Go over review sheets and pages 22-246 in your workbook

Math: Go Math page 57 (8-10); 58 (11, 12); and page 59

Spelling: Write a clue for each spelling word in you Citizenship in Action notebook

Please remember to complete all assignments to avoid a zero.

Important reminder: Please wear a mask that fits properly. Remember, your mask covers your nose and mouth.



Monday, September 27

Spelling: Scramble (notebook)

Math: Chapter 1 test on Thursday // Go Math: Page 51

Social Studies: Chapter 8 test on Wednesday // Workbook page 245-246 Copy page 244 into Citizenship in Action notebook


Thursday, September 23

Go Math: page 41 in your math notebook

Spelling: Review words. Test tomorrow.

Social Studies: Workbook page 243 (4, 5)

Please sign Wednesday Folder

Art project in by Monday.


Wednesday, September 22

Spelling: Sentences on looseleaf

Math: Go Math page 35

Social Studies: Workbook page 239 #6 and 7

Please make sure you purchase a homework notebook–not sheets of paper. 

Please remember to show Ms. Daly you book for you book report. No picture books, please.


Tuesday, September 21

Please remember to show Ms. Daly you book for you book report. No picture books, please.

Spelling: Write clues in notebook (citizenship in action)

Math: page 16 

Social Studies: workbook page 231 #3 and 4

Please make sure you purchase a homework notebook–not sheets of paper. 


Monday, September 20

Math: Go Math: page 25 and page 27 (8-10) // Mid-chapter test tomorrow. Review pages 3-28.

Spelling: scramble words

Reading: Answer questions on sheet

Science: Workbook page 16

Please show Ms. Daly the book for your book report.


Thursday, September 16

Math: Page 19

Spelling: Review and practice. Spelling test tomorrow. 

Reading: Finish draft of paragraph on Donavan 

Religion: Finish card, if you haven’t already


Wednesday, September 15

**Reminder: All folders signed and return tomorrow. Please return all tests signed to placed in class folder or for display.

Spelling: Write words in sentences on sheet.

Math: Page 12 (4-10)

Spelling test Friday.

Please remember plastic envelope for art class.


Monday, September 13

Spelling: Scramble words on sheet

Math: page 7 (8-13)

Religion: page 22 answer questions

Get all workbooks covered.

Do you have a homework pad?

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