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Spelling-Testtomorrow-Review words

Reading-Finish Eleanor Roosevelt Activity

Tuesday, October 15




Religion: page 48

Math: page 85 (1-8) in math notebook

Social Studies: workbook page 6

Spelling: Scramble and clues in theme notebook


Friday, October 4

Religion: Finish “Path to Holiness” & complete take-home test

Math: Go Math: page 61. Try to complete challenge sheet


Wednesday, October 2

Religion: Write published copy of paragraph on loose leaf

Math: Packet: page 57 and 58

Social Studies: Finish Nelson Mandela “Making Waves”

ELA: Spelling: Sentences

Chapter 1 math test Friday


Monday, September 30

Religion: page 274

Math: page 46

Spelling: scramble

Chapter 1 math test Friday


Wednesday, September 25

Math: packet page 41

Social Studies: Review chapter 12 in textbook and chapter 8 in workbook for Friday’s test // WB: Copy page 244 into notes

Spelling: Write words in sentences (loose-leaf) // Test Friday


Friday, September 20

Religion: Read and complete pages 39-41

Math: Complete sheet – rename numbers

Continue reading book for book report

Essay draft due 9/30/19.


Thursday, September 19

Religion: Finish loose-leaf sheet

Math: Mid-chapter test tomorrow. Review and study all notes and packet (page 5-30)

Science: Finish up Barrons page 159-178 in Lab Learner notebook. Have looseleaf tomorrow for activity.

Spelling test tomorrow.

Continue to review skills for math drills. 


Monday, September 16

Math: packet page 27

Social Studies: Read and complete pages 229-231

Spelling: Scramble all words

Reading: Answer questions in theme notebook


Friday, September 13

Math: Packet: page 21

Show Ms. Daly book for book report by September 16th.


Thursday, September 12

Math: packet: page 20

Spelling: review words / test tomorrow

Social Studies: workbook: page 276 copy into theme notebook

Continue to review


Tuesday, September 10

Math: packet page 16 #1 and 2

Spelling: Write clues for each word

SS: Workbook: Read and complete pages 262-267

Do you have all of your notebooks?

Show Ms. Daly book for book report.


Monday, September 9

Spelling: scramble (theme notebook)

Math: packet page 15

SS: Workbook – Read a complete page 270-275

Continue to study math drills

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