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Homework for Grade  1B   Mrs. Johnson

Wednesday,  October 16

Practice spelling words,  test on Friday.


Tuesday,  October  15

Math worksheet in the folder

ELA  worksheets in the folder

Spelling words  1-5,  5x each

Trip Day is tomorrow,  Bag lunch only, no lunch boxes. Wear your gym uniform.

** Spelling Words **  (10/15 –  10/18)

  1. they                6. with
  2. have                7. to
  3. look                 8. are
  4. you                  9. when
  5. the                   10. that


Friday,  October  11

Practice sight words

Have a great weekend !!!


Thursday,   October  10

Spelling test tomorrow

Dress-down $2

Worksheets in the folder


Wednesday,   October  9

Math   p.121-122

Spelling sentences  1-5

Worksheets  in the folder.

Check &  return green folder tomorrow.


Tuesday,  October  8

Math  p. 115-116

Write spelling words  6-10,  5 times each

Religion – worksheet

Verbs –  worksheet

Monday,  October 7

Math   p.  109-110

Write  spelling words  1-5,  5 times  each.

Worksheet  in the folder.

*Spelling Words  (10/7 – 10-11)

1. net                        6.  tell

2. pet                       7.  bell

3. set                        8.  nest

4. men                     9.  test

5. ten                       10. went


1. have         2. they


Friday,  October  4

Spelling test signed and returned on Monday.  Spelling corrections  5 times each in the red dot notebook

Check &  Clean  out the folder.

Last day for trip money is Monday.  Please make sure your return

the permission slip.

Check the October calendar for up coming events in October.

Have a great weekend!!


Thursday,   October  3

Math  p. 103-104

Spelling sentences  6-10

Religion  – worksheet

Spelling test tomorrow



Wednesday,  October 2

Math  p.97-98

Religion worksheet

Writing worksheet

Write spelling words 1-5 in a sentence

Spelling test on Friday


Tuesday,  October   1

Math   p. 91-92

Reading worksheet

Spelling test signed and returned tomorrow.

Spelling test corrections 5x  in the red dot book.

Write spelling words 6-10,  5 times each.



Monday,  September  30

Math – worksheets

Science – worksheet

Write spelling words 1-5,  5 times each.

Phonics  p.  66-67

If you forgot your apple today, please send it in tomorrow.

Spelling Words  ( 9/30 – 10/4 ) * Spelling tests are on Fridays*

1.will             6. dig

2. hill            7. six

3. it                8. mix

4. sit               9. win

5. big            10. pin


Friday,  September  27

Spelling test is on Monday

Check and clean out the class folder

Please send in  1  apple  on Monday


Thursday,  September  26

Math  p. 85-86

Write spelling words  6-10 in a sentence.

Reading  p.56-57 .  Please cover the book.

Cupcake sale tomorrow !!!


Wednesday,  September  25

Math  p.  79-80

Write spelling words #1-5  in  a  sentence .  Only one spelling word in each sentence.

Phonics  p.  56-57


Tuesday,  September 24

Spelling words 6-10,  5 times each

Worksheets in the folder.


Monday,  September  23

Spelling words  #1-5,  5 times each

Math  p. 73-74

Worksheet in the folder

Spelling Words  (9/22- 9/26)

1. not          6. top

2. pot          7. rock  

3. got          8. lock

4. cot          9 .you

5. hop        10. look


Friday,   September 20

Check the folder for information about the spelling test.

Keep  the  math workbook at home, we finished Chapter 1

Religion book needs to be covered.

   **Have a great weekend !!**

*If you have not signed and returned the Title 1 slips, please send in on Monday.*


Thursday,   September  19

Math  p. 59 – 60

Review spelling words for the test tomorrow.

Nouns worksheet in the folder.

* Parents,  every Monday the new spelling words will be posted on this page. This is in case

your child forgets their notebook in school or they are absent, the words will still be available.

Children need to follow the same format when writing the spelling words that was given. 

*All  supplies are due tomorrow.

* Please make sure your child has crayons at home, in order to complete their homework.

**Spelling  Words**  (9/16 – 9-20)

  1. sat        6. map
  2. mat       7. tag
  3. tap        8. bag
  4. pan       9. ham
  5. fan       10. jam



Wednesday.  September  18

Math  p. 53-54

Practice spelling words for the test on Friday.

Check the green school folder.

Check & clean out the class folder.

**Parents,  please sign and return the  Title-1  sheets in the folder, if you have one.  This is an extra benefit

for your child.  It is an enrichment program,  it does not mean your child is having a problem is school.


Tuesday,  September  17

Math  p.  47- 48

Reading sheet – read and do questions

Write spelling words  #6-#10,  five times each.   Please follow the same page set-up as yesterday.

Check &  clean out class folder.

Spelling test on Friday

Remaining supplies are due by  Friday.


Monday, September 16

Math: page 41-42

Spelling words 1-5 five times each. Example of how the words should be written each week is in the red dot notebook.

ELA worksheet P. 1-2

Spelling test Friday

Remaining supplies due Friday.


Friday, September 13

No written homework. Have a nice weekend!


Thursday, September 12

Phonics: page 30

Math: page 35-36

ELA worksheet

Sight word list #1. Sent home in folder.


Tuesday, September 10

Math  p. 23-24

Phonics: page 15-16

Cover phonics book

Gym uniform tomorrow

Check folder

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